We Got A Client 6K Views in 24 Hours Of Working With Us (100 followers)​

The Challenge

  • Producing pieces of content that will be well received by the target audience

  • Developing brand positioning for increased follower response


The Result

  • Increasing follower rate of 23%
  • Achieving a 24-hour view record of 8.8K

What You Will Learn From This Case Study…

✅ Why right content for the right audience is essential for next-level growth.

✅ How to structure an Instagram Account for maximum follower conversion

✅ How to leverage new opportunities

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When we first started working with this coach we were provided with a lot of information about his business. Alex and Aron dove deep into all of the information this coach gave. We performed a lot of market research and crafted an action plan for this particular coach. In this action plan we focused on producing amazing content that suits the target audience and we focused on branding & page optimization. Our research showed us exactly where our focus needed to be in order to get the coach an amazing result. Ultimately this is what led to our decision-making process that increased the view to follower ratio of 600%


A big focus for this brand right before we began was to nail the branding. A normal page will make you thousands but a brand will make you millions. At Advanced Media Services we are strong believers that your lifetime value metrics will depend greatly on the message that your page portrays. This coach sells fitness coaching so we wanted the bio to represent that message. We tweaked a few things in his bio to speak to his target audience and this resulted in more people converting from eyeballs to actual followers. These followers are highly targeted and research tells us that these types of followers convert faster. When the biography was changed and the content was uploaded, that’s when results started to explode.

Page Optimization

During our analysis phase, we discovered that there was an untapped potential on this coach’s Instagram page. His own results and philosophy were a perfect fit but his page was all over the place. We started slowly by creating a highly converting bio and creating structure in his content.

The Right Content

We have spent the past few years researching Instagram and all of its content, this allowed us to scale our pages as quickly as possible. Performing organic growth strategies is one way of scaling your page. The second component is content, because content is king. Producing the right content for the right target audience is key for getting new clients through Instagram. Producing the right content is a form of pull marketing, because you will attract the right target audience who will be more likely to purchase. We thought long and hard about the type of content and what the take away for the followers should be. The brainstorming sessions weren’t for nothing and it helped us gain more than 6000+ views on a page which had only 100 followers. We are currently producing new pieces of content for the upcoming months.

How To Leverage New Opportunities

With all of our clients, we are constantly looking at new ways to increase reach and scale the followers. At this moment Instagram Reels is a goldmine of opportunity for every type of creator. It is very easy to break into and with proper guidance it can be extremely lucrative. One of our portfolio pages @createimprovement has grown over 90.000+ followers in 31 days because of the power of this new opportunity. At this moment the demand for these videos is very high but the supply isn’t very high. Basically what this means is that Instagram has a big supply problem and it is showing videos that produce good results multiple times to the same people.


Think long and hard about the content you are going to produce and what the target audience for that content should be. Instagram is an ever changing platform so stay on top of all of the new features to defeat your competition. Tap into the new opportunities to experience massive growth.