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Training 2 - Profile Optimization

Training 2 (part 2) - Profile Optimization

Training 3 - FB Messaging

Training 3 (part 2) - Tracking & Messaging

Training 4 - Instagram Messaging


Changing the logo- does that mean I have to change the logo of my official business account?
No, It might be better to make a personal account since this will help you increase a bigger open rate. 

What is an open rate?

It is basically the percentage of people that opened your message. Higher open rates will result in more calls booked and more money made.  Let’s say you have messaged 20 people and 4 of them reply then you will have an open rate of 20%.

Can you tell me How long it might take for me to reach $100 a month earning potential?
If you are consistent with your messaging and hit your KPI’s you can see the results in 2 to 3 weeks. Some of the people who follow this course will hit in 1 week or even within the first 4 days.

Yes I’m doing amazing. Yes, we do. Are you interested in yourself or are you trying to pitch me on a business proposal? What do I say?

Send them the next message in the sequence and don’t reply to that question. 

What to answer when: At this moment I don’t. I am getting ready for work and getting the kids ready for daycare.

No worries! I can send you my online calendar and you can find a time later this week that suits you better. “insert link”


What answer when: First what is your business? Where is your website? Something legitimate other than an instagram with 10 pictures and a random person asking me to setup a phone call?
We do have a website and if you want more information you can watch this short video on

My name is “your own name” and I am an employee of Advanced Media Services! The founders have grown to 750.000+ followers in only 16 months. @billionairedirector, @createimprovement and @alexthxmpson are the biggest pages in their portfolio.

If I don’t get my tasks done before the deadline will there be consequences?

We are very strict in our process and we expect a lot from you guys. People pay 4000 to 5000 dollars for these kinds of courses and you are getting it for free. Follow the orders that are given and learn how to make money!


The profile picture must be the one with the green ring?

Can I still change my profile picture?
Sure we can change it. Send it to

My prospect ask what the plan is and he/she only wants to communicate through dm, what do I do?
Send them this link if they are wondering what the plan is.
Ask why the prospect only wants to communicate via DM. 

I did want to ask if there’s a specific country we are targeting?
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, .

Can I start a new instagram page or do I have to use my current page
Yes you can start a new instagram page. If you want to use your current page that is also fine with us.


How to optimize your profile on Instagram and Facebook

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